Website : Foundation Level




This package gives you the basics for a legitimate online presence:

  • Domain Name – Your custom address. 1st Year Free!
  • Hosting – Your secure storage place you keep everything. 1st 6 months Free!
  • Web Design – Your housing.
  • Content – Everything that goes inside your site.
  • Custom Conversion Strategies – The magic that combines our research about your needs with how we build everything to meet your goals.

Money Back Guarantees-
First 14 days. 111% refund.
First 30 days. 50% refund.
First 6 months. Keep your free address.

* At any point you request a refund you will have the ability to purchase ownership of your domain name if you’d like to keep it.
** At any point you request a refund you will have option to purchase your current hosting plan.

We’re glad to assist you to take control of your hosting and domain name to use elsewhere if you realize an Aphrobyte website isn’t right for you. Believe it or not, this is a pretty groundbreaking concept in the web development world. We call it customer service.


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